QuicKutz Silhouette under Linux

Linda recently bought herself a QuicKutz Silhouette plotter/cutter (a re-branded Graphtec CC200-20, actually), and I thought it would be an interesting project to get the device working under Linux. And it was! After a few days of intense observation (my first real USB-sniffing project) I had most of the protocol pat down, and I hereby present graphtecprint v1.0 (a somewhat odd name, considering it?s not really a printer, but since itself claims to be I?ll just go on and humour it).

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One Response to QuicKutz Silhouette under Linux

  1. Wow that is great, way to go! Can you use your genius skills to make the Silhouette work with a MAC too? It says here that they aren’t compatible with macs yet… http://www.quickutzforsale.com/quickutz-silhouette-digital-craft-die-cutter Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am not familar with Linux!